Ideas For Baby Shower Themes

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How about a themed baby shower?

Having a theme for the shower is a great idea that will be a help with planning and organizing an enjoyable and fun event. It will also help the guests realise what to expect at the event and the sort of gifts that they could give to the mommy-to-be.

There are are some great theme ideas here including the Rubber Ducky, Animals, Gift Basket and Daisy baby party themes. They include instructions and ideas on which games, gifts and food would be suitable for the event.

So be certain to read this selection of helpful party hints and ideas which are sure to help you to organize the shower with ease!

Baby Shower White Themes

Cute Ideas For Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes

Organizing a baby shower with a white theme is a lovely idea and a wonderful way to celebrate the forthcoming birth of either a baby girl or a baby boy.

Here are some easy suggestions for this fun event

* Using white balloons and streamers is a really simple way to decorate a room for this occasion.

* White candy like vanilla marshmallows, as well as white chocolates, …continue reading…

Rubber Ducky Theme

Why Not Throw A Cute Rubber Ducky Themed Baby Shower?

Here’s a few fun ideas for organizing a really splashing party.


Cute rubber duck themed invites are …continue reading…

Baby Shower Animals Theme

Noah’s Ark Baby Shower

This is a really popular theme idea for a baby shower, and a so cute choice for a mom-to be who is expecting twins.

Creating a setting for this fun event is a breeze. Favorite suggestions include, decorating a room with some white balloons (clouds), tied with blue ribbons or …continue reading…

Baby Shower Gift Basket Theme

Diy Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas

Throwing a baby shower with a gift basket theme is a lovely idea. It’s also a great way for baby’s parents to receive some wonderful gifts.

* Easy decoration ideas for this fun event are, …continue reading…

Baby Shower Daisy Theme

Oops A Daisy Baby shower

In the language of flowers the meaning of a daisy is innocence, so giving a baby shower with a daisy theme is a really sweet idea.

To help you get started, here’s a selection of some easy …continue reading…

Baby Shower Colors Theme

How about throwing a color themed party?

Creating this fun baby shower theme is easy. Simply pick a color, perhaps pale pink for a baby girl, pale blue for a baby boy, a neutral color, such as white or lemon, for an unknown gender, or maybe …continue reading…

Baby Shower Christmas Holiday Theme

December Baby Shower Ideas

If you have, or you can borrow, some gorgeous Christmas decorations, then you’re already halfway toward creating, a beautiful Christmas baby shower theme. If not don’t worry as during, and often long before, the Holiday season begins, many stores have a good range of …continue reading…

Baby Books Shower Theme

A Library Baby Shower!

Children love to be read to, and of course to read too, so honoring a mom-to-be with a book themed baby shower, is a wonderful idea. You could carry your theme through to your invitations the decor your centerpiece, menu, games, shower gifts, and party favors. Here’s some adorable suggestions to help you get started.


Alphabet posters and flash cards, as well as a cute banner, children’s books, bunches of …continue reading…

Themes For A Baby Shower

A theme – although not necessary – is a fun, and easy way to create a cute setting for a baby shower party.

Favorite themes for this special celebration include …continue reading…

Have a themed shower

Having a theme for the the shower is a great idea as they will be a help with the planning of an enjoyable and fun event. So be certain to read this selection of helpful party hints and ideas which are a great help for shower planning. You will also find useful favor ideas, shower cakes instructions and other entertainment ideas

The articles that you will see include activities relating to the themes, with information on other party items to assist the shower hostess.

The information that you will see in the articles here are sure to be very useful to you if you are planning a shower for a new mommy.