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If you’re hosting a baby shower, then one of the duties which you will have to perform, will be the sending out of the invitations, and if you’re organizing a baby shower on a small budget, you probably won’t want to be spending a great deal of money on the invites. So to make things easier for you here we have included some basic but very cute printable baby shower invitations. These invitation templates are a quick and convenient way of producing your party invites, and the only cost to you will be the card or paper, and the ink.

free printable baby shower invitation

Be sure to send out your party invitations in plenty of time, to allow for your guests to make suitable arrangements to attend the shower. One to two months before the celebration, is generally thought to be the right time for shower invitations to be sent out.

Also, don’t forget to see our great selection of ideas for baby shower gifts, which a soon to be mom is sure to be delighted to receive. You’ll find some adorable suggestions for presents, including baby gift baskets containing items that are just perfect for giving to a mom to be, or a new mom.


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    Printable Birth Announcements
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