Baby Shower Tea Party Ideas

A Pot Of Tea For The Party

If you’re hosting a Tea Party Themed Baby Shower, or any other kind of special event, and you’d like to serve tea, here’s how to make a good cup of tea.

You’ll Need

Black tea, loose – English tea such as PG Tips, Yorkshire or Twinings tea.
Tea kettle
Teacups and saucers
Tea strainer
Cold milk
Granulated sugar, or white sugar cubes (optional)

How To Make Tea

Step 1 – Fill a teakettle with some fresh cold tap water. Then put it on to boil.
Step 2 – When the kettle has nearly boiled, pour a little of the hot water into the teapot, and carefully swirl the water around, to warm the pot.
Step 3 – Continue to let the kettle boil. Meanwhile empty the pot.
Step 4 – Into the teapot put one teaspoon of tea leaves for each person to be served, and ‘one for the pot’, however, don’t forget to keep in mind how many cups of tea your teapot is designed to make.
Step 5 – When the kettle has boiled, immediately pour the boiling water over the tea leaves, so that your teapot is about three-quarters or so full.
Step 6 – Agitate the tea with a spoon, but don’t stir, as there is an old English proverb that says, ‘If you stir the pot then you stir your troubles’. Then put the lid on the teapot, and allow the tea to stand (to brew or to steep) for about 2 or 3 minutes.
Step 7 – Pour the tea through a tea strainer (to catch the leaves) into your teacups.
Step 8 – To serve, add a little cold milk, and then stir with a teaspoon. Alternatively, fill a creamer with some cold milk, and as some people take sugar in their tea, fill a sugar bowl with granulated sugar, or white sugar cubes, so that your guests can help themselves.

Note: Some people prefer to add their milk to their teacup before pouring their tea. This, incidentally, was often the case in days gone by, when cups might be more inclined to crack when hot tea was poured into them, and adding the milk first was a good way of helping to prevent this.


1. Adjust how many spoonfuls of tea leaves you use, and how long you brew your tea, according to how strong you like it.
2. A tea cosy will help to keep your tea warmer for longer.
3. Do keep in mind that depending on how many cups of tea your teapot is designed to make, you might not be able to serve everyone at once, and therfore may need to top up your teapot with some more boiling water, or to make a fresh pot.
4. You can make a nice pot of tea with tea bags too.