Baby Shower Games Ideas

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Games For A Baby Shower

As well as being a great tradition at baby showers, including a few ice-breaker games will help the hostess create a fun and successful celebration.

You will find instructions for popular games here, such as the Clothespin Shower Game as well as the easy to play Baby Shower Word Scramble which will encourage guests to get to know each other better and relax. Having a selection of games to choose from is a real help in creating a baby shower that your guests will enjoy and remember with pleasure; and there are some great games ideas for you.

So have a look around the games suggestions that we have here and find some easy ideas to entertaiin your guests.

Baby Word Scramble Answer Key

Here is the Answer Key to our Baby Shower Word Scramble game. Be sure to see our list of just the …continue reading…

Baby Word Scramble List

To help you organize this fun baby shower game, here, we’ve put together a list of some jumbled up baby words. Don’t forget you’ll need …continue reading…

The Pacifier Shower Game

Pin The Pacifier On The Baby Shower Game

This cute version of the classic children’s party game, Pin The Tail On The Donkey, is easy to organize, and great fun to play too.

Things You Will Need

…continue reading…

Nursery Rhyme Game

The Name The Nursery Rhyme Shower Game is a really cute quiz to play. It’s also a great icebreaker, easy to organize, and it’s sure to give your guests a few puzzling moments too.


To arrange this fun baby shower activity, the first step is to write a numbered list of some short excerpts from some children’s nursery rhymes. The next, is to …continue reading…

Guess The Price Baby Game

Playing this popular baby shower game is a great way to break the ice, and to get your guests chatting. It’s also an activity that’s easy to organize, and …continue reading…

Parcel Baby Game

Pass The Parcel is a favorite children’s party game, but with a few changes it can make a really fun activity for a baby shower too. It’s also a game that’s easy to organize and play, and a great choice if you’re …continue reading…

Baby Shower Word Scramble

This is a really popular baby shower word game, and a fun quiz that everyone is certain to enjoy. It’s sure to get all your party guests chatting too!


Step 1 – Before the Shower, write a numbered list of some baby related words. Then simply …continue reading…

Clothespin Shower Game

This fun baby shower activity, is not only inexpensive to organize, it’s easy too! It’s also a favorite pick of many hostesses.


To play, the only supplies that are needed are some …continue reading…

Baby Shower Food Game

Guess The Baby Food is a fun baby shower activity, that’s certain to be a great hit at the party. And when your guests taste and try to guess the flavors, there’s sure to be some …continue reading…

Games For A Baby Shower

Although not essential, playing baby shower games is a really fun way to keep your party guests entertained and will …continue reading…

Shower Game Suggestions

Having a good selection of games for the shower guests to play is a great idea that will make it an enjoyable and fun event. The useful tips you can find include food for a baby shower and other party suggestions to assist the hostess. So be certain to read this selection of helpful party hints and ideas which are a great help for shower planning.
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