Baby Shower Food Game

Guess The Baby Food is a fun baby shower activity, that’s certain to be a great hit at the party. And when your guests taste and try to guess the flavors, there’s sure to be some really funny moments, and lots of laughter too.


Step 1 – Before the Shower, buy 8 jars or so of baby food. Also shop for some plastic spoons, some paper plates, and a small prize.
Step 2 – After buying your supplies, write a numbered list of the variety of baby food that’s in each jar. This will be your Answer Key.
Step 3 – One by one, and making sure that it corresponds with the number and its contents on your list, cover or replace the label on each jar, with a numbered label of your own.
Step 4 – Write a second list, but this time just of the numbers that are on your first.
Step 5 – Create a copy of your ‘just numbers’ list for each of your party guests.

How To Play Instructions

Step 1 – Just before the game begins open your jars of baby food, and place them on a suitable surface.
Step 2 – Give each player a ‘just numbers’ list, a pencil, a teaspoon, and a paper plate.
Step 3 – Ask everyone to put a little of the contents of each jar in turn on their plate, and, writing down as they go against its corresponding number, to taste and guess the flavor.
Step 4 – The one who can guess the most baby food flavors correctly wins the game, and is awarded a small prize.

A variation of this popular baby shower activity, is to keep the jars of baby food sealed, and to remove and replace or to cover, each label with a numbered label of your own. And then to play, guests are asked, instead of by sight and taste, to guess by sight only, the flavor of the baby food that’s in each jar.