Clothespin Shower Game

This fun baby shower activity, is not only inexpensive to organize, it’s easy too! It’s also a favorite pick of many hostesses.


To play, the only supplies that are needed are some clothespins (clothes pegs) – one for each of your party guests – and a small prize.

Clothespins of course are readily available, however, ones in pink, and blue, or in a color to match your shower theme, would be a really cute choice.

Don’t Say Baby! How To Play

Step 1 – As each guest arrives at the party, give them a clothespin to wear.
Step 2 – When the game begins explain to everyone the rules. These are, that no one is allowed to say the word “Baby”, for a set amount of time – say half an hour. And that if a guest should hear another saying the forbidden word within this time, then she can claim their clothespin.
Step 3 – The lady who collects the most clothes pins is the winner of the game, and is awarded a small prize.

A variation of this fun activity is that instead of a forbidden word, that no one is allowed to cross their legs during the set amount of time, and, if one guest should see another doing so, then she can claim their clothespin.