Nursery Rhyme Game

The Name The Nursery Rhyme Shower Game is a really cute quiz to play. It’s also a great icebreaker, easy to organize, and it’s sure to give your guests a few puzzling moments too.


To arrange this fun baby shower activity, the first step is to write a numbered list of some short excerpts from some children’s nursery rhymes. The next, is to make a second list, with corresponding numbers to the first, but this time of the baby rhymes that each line is taken from – This list will be your answer key. And the last step, is to print one copy of your extract list, for each of your party guests.

How To Play

To play, give a pencil and an extract list to each player. Then ask them to write down, in a set amount of time, the nursery rhyme that they think that each snippet is taken from.

The one with the most correct answers wins the game, and a small prize too.

Here at BabyShowerSteps we’ve put together the following question and answer lists, to help you get started.

Which Nursery Rhyme?

1. like a diamond
2. on the tree top
3. for baby and me
4. silver bells and cockle shells
5. white as snow
6. lost her sheep
7. we’ll all have tea
8. sang for his supper
9. all the king’s horses
10. a pail of water
11. the clock struck one
12. the cat and the fiddle
13. doggy a bone
14. lost their mittens
15. he’s under a haystack fast asleep

Nursery Rhyme Answer Key

1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
2. Rock-a-Bye Baby
3. Pat-a-Cake
4. Mary Mary Quite Contrary
5. Mary Had a Little Lamb
6. Little Bo Peep
7. Polly Put the Kettle On
8. Little Tommy Tucker
9. Humpty-Dumpty
10. Jack and Jill
11. Hickory Dickory Dock
12. Hey Diddle Diddle
13. Old Mother Hubbard
14. Three Little Kittens
15. Little Boy Blue


A nursery rhyme book is a lovely idea for a baby shower gift, and a present that is sure to be always treasured.