The Pacifier Shower Game

Pin The Pacifier On The Baby Shower Game

This cute version of the classic children’s party game, Pin The Tail On The Donkey, is easy to organize, and great fun to play too.

Things You Will Need

* A large drawing of a baby, or a baby’s face
* A cut out picture, or drawing, of a baby’s pacifier (a baby’s dummy)
* A blindfold

How To Play

1. Blindfold a party guest.
2. Direct them towards your picture, and ask them to place the pacifier ‘in’ baby’s mouth.
3. Write their name or their initials on their chosen spot.
4. Repeat steps one to three with each player in turn.
5. The guest who places the pacifier nearest to baby’s mouth wins the game, and a little prize too. Our favorite ideas for prizes include a sleep mask, and some pacifier candy (dummy sweets).


The Pin The Pacifier On The Baby Game is widely available to buy, so you may want to consider this option as well.