Parcel Baby Game

Pass The Parcel is a favorite children’s party game, but with a few changes it can make a really fun activity for a baby shower too. It’s also a game that’s easy to organize and play, and a great choice if you’re working to a budget.

Things You Will Need

* A small inexpensive present – Perhaps some chocolates, or a pocket mirror.
* Cheap gift wrap
* Tape
* A CD of music – Maybe of children’s songs.

After sourcing your supplies, the next step is to wrap your gift. Remembering to secure each layer of paper separately with tape as you go, this should be done with several layers of paper.

How To Play

1. Play some music.
2. When the music begins ask your guests to pass around the parcel.
3. Now and again stop the music for a short amount of time.
4. Each time the music is stopped, the player who is holding the parcel, removes as much of the paper as she can (or alternatively unwraps one layer) before the music is restarted and the parcel is passed on again.
5. Continue the game until all the layers have been removed, and the gift discovered. The one who reveals the little prize gets to keep it.