Guess The Price Baby Game

Playing this popular baby shower game is a great way to break the ice, and to get your guests chatting. It’s also an activity that’s easy to organize, and

fun to play. So if you’re planning a party for a special mom-to-be, why not consider playing this cute quiz.


Before the party, buy ten or so small, good quality but inexpensive baby items – don’t forget to keep the receipt! Also shop for a nice basket, and some tissue or shredded paper. If your basket has handles a pretty ribbon would also be a nice addition.

Here’s a few sweet ideas for your baby item shopping list.
* A small, 1st soft toy
* Cotton balls
* Baby wipes
* Diaper pins
* Baby wash
* Little socks
* Baby’s hair brush
* Scratch mittens
* Baby’s bottle
* Rattle
* Baby booties
* Pacifier
* Bib
* Teether
* Jar of baby food

Then, after purchasing your supplies, write a numbered list of the baby items that you have bought, along with their prices – This will be your Answer Key. Next, make a copy of your list, but this time without the prices. After that, create a copy of your ‘no prices’ list for each of your party guests. The last step that you’ll need to take to prepare for this fun activity, is to prettily arrange all the baby things in your basket.

How To Play

1. Hand out a pencil and a ‘no-prices’ list to every player.
2. Show your guests each baby item in turn, and ask them to write down, next to the listed item, how much they think it cost.
3. The one who guesses the most items closest to their actual price wins the game, and a small prize too – maybe a shopping list, a coin purse, a money box, or a piggy bank.


After the game is over, your gift basket filled with cute baby essentials, will make a lovely present for the mom-to-be, or a new mommy.