Gift Ideas For A Baby Shower

Caring for a baby can be expensive so baby shower gifts are always very welcome.

Favorite gift ideas include store-bought or handmade baby clothes, a baby blanket, a toy, a book, a gift for a nursery, a keepsake, and a gift basket.

A present might also be chosen to tie in with a party theme. For example, for a rubber ducky baby shower, a store-bought or homemade gift basket, filled with some baby bath time necessities, like baby powder, baby soap, a washcloth, a soft hooded towel, and of course a rubber ducky, would be a cute choice.

A baby shower gift can also be just for baby’s mommy (and sometimes daddy too). A thoughtful present might be a piece of jewelry or perhaps some nice soap and other toiletries for mommy, or a gourmet gift basket for baby’s parents to share.

A gift card too is often appreciated by parents-to-be or new parents, as they can then buy something for baby that they really need, or maybe something extra special.

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