Baby Shower Colors Theme

How about throwing a color themed party?

Creating this fun baby shower theme is easy. Simply pick a color, perhaps pale pink for a baby girl, pale blue for a baby boy, a neutral color, such as white or lemon, for an unknown gender, or maybe the mom to be’s favorite color, or a rainbow of colors. Then just carry your chosen color(s) through to your decorations, the table centerpiece, the menu, the invitations, and the party favors etc. Here for example are just a few sweet ideas for a sunny Yellow Baby Shower.


Yellow balloons, streamers, and pom-poms, as well as ribbons tied in bows, and yellow pinwheels (children’s windmills) are just a few popular ideas for fun and easy party decorations, for this very special celebration.

Party Table

A white, or a yellow gingham or polka dot tablecloth, with napkins chosen to tie in with your theme, would be a lovely choice for your table. And for a centerpiece, some daffodils, or some other pretty yellow flowers, arranged in a nice vase or little jars, would look simply lovely. Another fun yellow centerpiece idea is to sit a family of rubber duckies, on some soft folded towels tied with a ribbon – so cute!

Party Favors

These inexpensive ideas for favors are sure to delight your guests.
* Small jars of lemon curd or lemon marmalade
* Lemon and ginger tea
* lemon cookies or shortbread
* Yellow candy – perhaps some lemon drops or jellybeans
* Seeds – maybe some Teddy Bear Sunflower seeds.

And here are some ideas for a White Themed Baby Shower.