Baby Shower Daisy Theme

Oops A Daisy Baby shower

In the language of flowers the meaning of a daisy is innocence, so giving a baby shower with a daisy theme is a really sweet idea.

To help you get started, here’s a selection of some easy suggestions for organizing this very special celebration.

Making Invitations

Baby shower invitations are readily available, but why not have a go at making your own invites? Here are two simple projects that you might like to try.

1. First Cut out some daisy flower shapes from some good quality white card stock – a cookie cutter can make a great stencil too. Next cut out some small circles from some yellow paper or card. Then simply glue, one yellow circle, in the center of each daisy. You might also draw a smiley face on the yellow circles – so cute!

2. Fold in half a piece of card, and decorate each one with some fun daisy stickers or beads, or perhaps with a daisy punch or stamp.

Party Decorations

Some popular ideas for easy party decor for this fun event include, white and yellow balloons tied with green ribbons or streamers, yellow, white, and green ribbons tied in pretty bows, using daisy chain lace trim, and stringing and knotting daisy shaped buttons on to green yarn. Another favorite suggestion is to pin (peg) some little yellow, and white baby socks on a clothesline of green yarn.

The Table

A white, green, or a yellow gingham tablecloth, would be a lovely choice. Also, depending on the color of your tablecloth, you might pick napkins in a suitable daisy color, or perhaps with a daisy pattern. Using napkins in two different colors will work well too. You might, for example, choose a green table cloth, and perhaps some yellow, and white napkins.


Fresh daisy flowers, or daisy shaped lollipops, arranged in a nice vase or pitcher, or a diaper cake adorned with some pretty artificial daisies, are favorite suggestions for a centerpiece. Another sweet idea for a table decoration, is to pick some daisies from your lawn, and arrange them in little jars, vases, or votive holders.

Finger Food

Cupcakes adorned with daisy cake decorations, or baked in daisy patterned cupcake liners, as well as daisy shaped cookies and sandwiches, would be a great choice. Yellow and white jellybeans in a clear or green glass dish would be a scrumptiously pretty choice too.

Party Favors

* Daisy shaped cookie cutters
* Packets of seeds – such as White Button or Shasta Daisy, Chamomile, or Feverfew seeds
* Chamomile tea
* Daisy keychain

Baby Shower Gifts

* A children’s book with daisy in the title
* Daisy themed crib bedding
* Daisy baby clothes
* For the mom to be – a piece of daisy jewelry, daisy perfume, or maybe a daisy candle.


Buying a piece of material, or a plastic table cover, can often work out a lot cheaper than buying a fabric or a lace tablecloth.