Baby Shower Gift Basket Theme

Diy Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas

Throwing a baby shower with a gift basket theme is a lovely idea. It’s also a great way for baby’s parents to receive some wonderful gifts.

* Easy decoration ideas for this fun event are, balloons, mini baskets, flowers, ribbons and raffia.

* A basket themed menu might include, candy or bread served in a basket, ice cream cones, and a lattice pie.

* For a table centerpiece a gift basket is the perfect choice, and don’t forget it will not only look adorable it can also do double duty as a baby shower present. Alternatively you could fill a large basket with lots of little party favors and use this for your centerpiece.

* A simple party favor idea is to fill small baskets with some goodies, maybe some wrapped candy, fruit – such as grapes or cherries, cute little pots of jam, marmalade or honey, wrapped cookies, potpourri, or small scented soaps.

Themed Gift Ideas

Don’t forget to let your guests know that the theme of the party is gift baskets, so that they can if they wish bring their gift in a basket!

Remember to mention too that ‘the basket’ could in fact be any kind of suitable container. It might, for example, be a Moses or nursery basket, a storage box, a mail box, a baby bath tub, a diaper pail, a tote bag, a gift bag, or maybe a laundry or picnic basket.

What To Put In A Baby Shower Gift Basket

Gift baskets can be store bought or homemade, and though they are often themed, they may also just be filled with a selection of cute and useful items for baby, or perhaps with something nice for baby’s mom and dad to be. Here’s a few basket filling suggestions:

* Baby clothes – perhaps onsies, cardigans, footies and booties
* Baby bath time products – don’t forget the rubber ducky!
* Bedding – such as crib sheets
* Toys – maybe a rattle and a cute plush baby toy
* Changing baby items – such as diapers, wipes, ointment and disposable diaper sacks
* Favorite children’s books – Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon, and Curious George Goes to the Beach, might be a fun choice, as both of these stories have baskets in them.
* Items such as some good quality tea, coffee, crackers, cheese, small jars of jam, and chocolates.
* A pretty flowering plant
* Fruit

Other thoughtful shower gift ideas for a mom-to-be, or a new mommy, include a silver basket or hot air balloon charm, and a flower basket pin or brooch. A crystal basket would also be a lovely present.


Things like cellophane, plain or patterned tissue paper, ribbons, balloons and a cute stuffed animal or rubber ducky, can often make a really sweet finishing touch to a baby gift basket.