Baby Shower Animals Theme

Noah’s Ark Baby Shower

This is a really popular theme idea for a baby shower, and a so cute choice for a mom-to be who is expecting twins.

Creating a setting for this fun event is a breeze. Favorite suggestions include, decorating a room with some white balloons (clouds), tied with blue ribbons or streamers (rain), and also decorating with one or two animal or a Noah’s Ark posters.

Other great suggestions are, covering a table with a blue tablecloth (water), and picking napkins with an animal print. And for a centerpiece, choosing something that relates to the party’s theme, for example, a Noah’s Ark and animals toy, or perhaps 2 cute plush animals ‘holding’ helium filled balloons.

Favor ideas

These popular suggestions are sure to make your guests smile.

* Mugs with an animal design
* Animal shaped cookies
* Umbrella or animal shaped cookie cutters
* Animal key chains
* Animal bookmarks
* Little piggy banks
* Tiger lily bulbs
* Packets of Antirrhinum (bunny rabbit) seeds
* Packets of Bunny Tail seeds

Baby Shower Gifts

And here’s a few sweet suggestions for themed presents

* An animal or Noah’s Ark silver charm – for baby’s mommy
* Noah’s Ark book
* Children’s learning or story book about animals
* Newborn clothes with an animal design
* Baby socks with a cute animal print
* Bibs with an animal design
* Animal baby blanket
* Cute stuffed animal suitable for a newborn
* Animal picture frame
* Animal mobile
* Piggy bank

Baby Shower Hostess’ Tip

Don’t forget that table centerpieces can often do double duty as baby shower gifts too!