Rubber Ducky Theme

Why Not Throw A Cute Rubber Ducky Themed Baby Shower?

Here’s a few fun ideas for organizing a really splashing party.


Cute rubber duck themed invites are readily available, but why not have a go at making your own? To make invitations, you could for example simply, cut-out some rubber duck shapes from some good quality yellow card stock – a cookie cutter makes a great stencil. This is a really easy invite idea, but so adorable.


Easy decor suggestions for this fun event include, decorating a party room with white or clear balloons (bubbles), blue streamers, and of course lots of rubber duckies.


Baking cupcakes in white or rubber ducky paper baking cups, and decorating them with blue icing, and sweet rubber ducky cake decorations, as well as making some rubber duck shaped cookies, and chocolate ducks (made in a duck chocolate mold), plus filling pretty dishes with yellow or/and blue candy such as jellybeans, are just a few sweet finger food ideas that you might like to try.

The Table

A blue tablecloth, or blue fabric, as well as paper plates, cups, and napkins and so on, in a sunny yellow color, or with a rubber ducky pattern, would be a great choice for this special occasion.

Here’s A Few Easy Centerpiece Ideas

* Fill a baby bathtub with water, then simply float some rubber duckies on the water’s surface.

* Put blue glass marbles in the bottom of a clear glass bowl, fill the bowl with water, then add some cute floating rubber ducks.

* Neatly fold-up two soft towels, and 2 washcloths. Put one folded towel on top of the other, then place your folded washcloths on top. Tie a pretty ribbon around your towel bale, and top with a rubber ducky or two, or maybe three!

* Line a baby bathtub, or a basket, with a soft towel, or some scrunched tissue paper. Then simply fill your chosen container with some baby bath time products, and newborn essentials. These might be items such as some baby soap, lotion, or powder, and a baby brush. Plus of course a cute rubber ducky or two.

Party Favor ideas To Please

* Duck shaped cookie cutters
* Duck cookies
* Washcloth lollipops
* Duck keychains
* Bubble bath
* Duck shaped soap.

Themed Baby shower Gift Suggestions.

* A silver duck charm – This would make a lovely baby shower keepsake gift for the mom-to-be
* Baby clothes with a duck design, or in the color yellow
* Baby blanket with a little duck design
* Cute plush duck
* Gift basket
* Duck rattle
* Duck push or pull toy
* Hooded towel
* Soft towel and washcloth
* Baby bathtub
* Rubber duckys
* Baby bath time products
* A children’s storybook, such as The Ugly Duckling, or the Five Little Ducks

We Hope you have a quacking baby shower!


Don’t forget that a table centerpiece can often do double duty as a baby shower gift too.