Baby Shower White Themes

Cute Ideas For Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes

Organizing a baby shower with a white theme is a lovely idea and a wonderful way to celebrate the forthcoming birth of either a baby girl or a baby boy.

Here are some easy suggestions for this fun event

* Using white balloons and streamers is a really simple way to decorate a room for this occasion.

* White candy like vanilla marshmallows, as well as white chocolates, Jordan almonds, and white jelly beans, arranged in pretty dishes, would be a sweet choice, and they’re sure to be enjoyed by your guests too!

* A vase filled with fresh flowers, such as white daisies, carnations, and baby’s breath, or with some white baby sock roses, would make a lovely table centerpiece. A sweet plush lamb or white teddy, ‘holding’ a helium balloon would be adorable too, and the lamb or teddy would also make a very cute gift for baby.

* Popular favor ideas for white baby shower party themes include, chamomile tea, pretty white handkerchiefs, white candy, snow globes, baby powder candles, small crystal items, snowdrop bulbs, and packets of baby’s breath, daisy or bunny tails seeds.

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